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Welcome To Chamunda Engineering Solution, A Globally Recognized Supplier, Manufacturer, Exporter, And Wholesaler Of Brass Ball Valves. Nestled In The Vibrant City Of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, Our Journey Has Been Marked By An Unwavering Commitment To Quality, Precision Engineering, And Customer Satisfaction. As We Delve Into The Intricate Details Of Our Brass Ball Valves, We Invite You To Explore The Unparalleled Craftsmanship That Sets Chamunda Engineering Solution Apart.


Unrivaled Quality Crafted Through Precision Manufacturing:

Chamunda Engineering Solution Has Carved A Niche For Itself As A Leading Manufacturer Of Brass Ball Valves, Offering A Diverse Range That Caters To A Wide Array Of Industrial Applications. Our Valves Are Meticulously Crafted Using High-quality Brass, A Testament To Our Dedication To Ensuring Long-lasting Operation In The Most Demanding Industrial Environments.


Main Purpose Of Brass Ball Valves:

Brass Ball Valves Play A Pivotal Role In Industrial Hardware, Serving As Conduits For Directing Fluid Flow Within Installations. Designed To Execute Precise Opening And Closing Operations, These Valves Are Equipped With Sealing Gaskets Made Of Teflon Material And A Smooth Sphere For Optimal Sealing And Extended Operational Life. The Threaded Connections Facilitate Easy Integration Into Installations, With A Recommendation For Usage In Fully Open Or Closed Positions To Minimize Pressure Loss Through The Valve's Full Passage Design.


Where Brass Ball Valves Are Utilized:

The Versatility Of Brass Ball Valves Makes Them Indispensable In Various Applications. While Brass Is A Preferred Choice For Most Scenarios, Considerations Such As Potable Water Applications May Necessitate The Use Of Lead-free Brass. For Corrosive Environments With High Salt Content, Alternative Materials Like Stainless Steel Or PVC May Be More Suitable. Chamunda Engineering Solution's Brass Ball Valves Find Applications In Residential And Commercial Plumbing, HVAC Systems, Industrial Processes, And Irrigation Systems, Attesting To Their Adaptability And Reliability.


Advantages Of Brass Ball Valves:

  1. High Durability: Engineered For Longevity, Chamunda Engineering Solution's Brass Ball Valves Exhibit Exceptional Durability, Resisting Corrosion, Wear, And Deformation For Sustained And Reliable Use In Challenging Environments.

  2. Versatility: The Versatile Design Of Our Valves Enables Them To Handle A Broad Spectrum Of Fluids, Pressures, And Temperatures, Ensuring Adaptability Across Diverse Operating Conditions.

  3. Efficient Flow Control: With A 90-degree Rotation Mechanism, Our Valves Provide Quick And Precise Control Over Fluid Flow. This Facilitates Rapid Response And Allows For The Fine-tuning Of Flow Rates.

  4. Leakage Prevention: The Tight Sealing Mechanisms Employed In Our Brass Ball Valves Minimize Leakage, Contributing To Enhanced System Efficiency And A Reduction In The Potential For Wastage And Environmental Harm.

  5. Ease Of Maintenance: Chamunda Engineering Solution's Brass Ball Valves Boast A Simple Design, Facilitating Easy Maintenance. The Straightforward Disassembly, Cleaning, And Replacement Of Parts Ensure Minimal Downtime And Cost-effective Maintenance.


Technical Specifications:









Additional Sales Details:


Minimum Order Quantity

100 Piece


Water, Air





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Production Capacity

 10000 PIECE

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Why Choose Chamunda Engineering Solution For Your Brass Ball Valve Requirements:

  1. Stringent Testing: Our Brass Valves Undergo Comprehensive Testing By Industry Experts, Ensuring That They Meet Defined Parameters For Durability, Efficiency, And Quality.

  2. Wide Range Of Offerings: At Chamunda Engineering Solution, We Take Pride In Providing A Broad Assortment Of Brass Ball Valves, Highly Sought After For Their Fine Finish, Durability, And Rust Resistance.

  3. Custom Solutions: Recognizing The Unique Needs Of Each Customer, We Offer Customized Solutions With Various Styles, Sizes, And Specifications, Ensuring A Perfect Fit For Your Specific Application.

  4. Expertise In Manufacturing Flow Valves: Our Expertise Extends Beyond Conventional Ball Valves To The Manufacturing Of Flow Valves With A Round Closure Element, Guaranteeing Proper Sealing And Functionality.

  5. Quality Assurance: Chamunda Engineering Solution Is Committed To Meeting And Exceeding Industrial Standards. Our Valves Undergo Rigorous Testing Using Quality Testing Machines And Equipment Such As Hydraulic Testing Machines, Laboratory Tests, And Non-destructive Testing.


Conclusion: Elevating Fluid Control Solutions With Chamunda Engineering Solution's Brass Ball Valves:

In Conclusion, Chamunda Engineering Solution Stands As A Beacon Of Excellence In The Realm Of Brass Ball Valve Manufacturing. With An Unwavering Commitment To Quality, Precision Engineering, And Customer Satisfaction, We Have Emerged As A Trusted Partner For Industries Worldwide. Our Brass Ball Valves, Meticulously Crafted And Tested To Perfection, Offer Unparalleled Durability, Efficiency, And Adaptability.

As You Embark On Your Journey To Source The Finest Brass Ball Valves, Consider Chamunda Engineering Solution As Your Reliable Partner. Our Commitment To Excellence, Coupled With A Diverse Range Of Offerings And Customized Solutions, Ensures That Your Specific Requirements Are Not Just Met But Exceeded. Contact Us Today To Experience The Pinnacle Of Fluid Control Solutions With Chamunda Engineering Solution's Brass Ball Valves.